Style Extravaganza


Each track is in the play-list; listen from beginning to end for best results, or choose a specific section.

CD1 - Semi-Sane

Assemblage 1 [don't hold back the] (18m:06s/26.5MB)
Big beats with techno and house
Assemblage 2 [thickness] (25m:01s/30.7MB)
House turns evil
Assemblage 3 [gettin' it on, but] (32m:49s/38.0MB)
House, techno, strange audio assault

CD2 - Crazy-Hard

Assemblage 4 [hardcore fuck] (20m:20s/26.4MB)
Hardcore [house, techno], breaks, house?
Assemblage 5 [gettin' it on] (21m:34s/26.7MB)
Techno, maybe trance
Assemblage 6 [with lube or lotion] (05m:34s/6.66MB)
Breaky tripped-up interlude
Assemblage 7 [gluttonous debauch] (12m:28s/14.9MB)
Obscenely hard techno tech-house
Assemblage 8 [was it as good for you] (09m:33s/10.9MB)
Techno, electro, wind-down, *phew*