massively combined beats

treats for techno, trance, house, breakbeats electronic lovers

Long-time residents of Niagara; "the only DJs with such skills and track selection in the area"

Coming soon: The First Black Cowboy

formerly vinyl
sexily mixed techno@140BPM

The first time I listened to these tracks was when I played them! Live improv techno; can your DJ do this?! ;)

"God Bless America
(Vote Bush)"

slovo feat. nevaseez
Fire Light Axe Bulb
A style extravaganza: up to 4 channels, hard, dark and evil techno, wrapped around some jazz-influenced beats that are topped with some rude hardcore.

Big Easy Mix Sessions Vol.1
Recorded during residence @ the Big Easy. Bar music at it's best; my most mainstream/popular/"top hits" styles.

Sad Cathy
I recorded this while my friend Cathy was bitching about her main squeeze at the time. Pumpin' up the jam, a la dark techno.

shift up
It starts off slow, mellow, and breaky, with soulful and calming melodies, and then escalates through blends of house, techno, jazzy, mildly experimental, and ragga-style beats. Emerging through a suble 3-layer/channel blend, the last stretch consists of hard and bangin' Jeff Mills tracks, and concluded by a classic Moby single.
Great listening for when you want to get charged up, whether you're on your way to a party, or just to relieve the blues. I produced this set throughout an estrangement by someone who seemed to mean a lot to me. I listened to this set many many times to aleviate the sinking feeling...

slovo's 1st mix-set, demonstrating his long-time appreciation for trance, and showcasing a diversity of mixing techniques.